In 2002, I was invited to lead a photography group at my work place and then the following year I was invited to capture a friend's wedding on film. From here, I realised that I may have a natural talent for image taking, so I did a course in photography at my local college, which taught me traditional techniques, such as working in a darkroom and portraiture. I followed this up by doing an apprenticeship for a year with a wedding photographer for a year, acting as his assistant.

I have also had the opportunity to do photography for Barclays Premier and Carnival UK.

My work has been exhibited around Southampton, in the city's West Quay Shopping Centre and more recently in the Art Gallery.

My inspiration for my passion came from the family. My grandmother painted for her hobby, whilst both my grandfathers were hobbyist photographers and after receiving my first camera, (a Kodak Instamatic) as a gift at the age of eight, I took delight in taking photographs, which were critiqued by my father, who helped improve my picture taking skills.

I soon developed the idea of using photography to capture events and places in my life. An idea gained from my father.

In 2011, I was lucky enough to get into the world of travel. From here, I have used the opportunities given to me to take pictures around the World, of the places that I have been lucky enough to visit. Now, having amassed a growing number of these images, I am turning my hand to interpreting pictures of these places in different ways.